Equipment & Safety

JLM handles a wide variety of consignments including shipping containers, demountable buildings, railway line, mining equipment, palletised goods and general freight. The business specialises in over-dimensional freight and operates a fleet including prime movers, side-loader trailers, extendable trailers, drop-deck trailers and rigid trucks.

To ensure your safety we service and inspect all trucks on a regular basis. All drivers are trained in heavy vehicle mass management and maintenance management of their truck and trailer to ensure its safety on public roadways.

The following checks are conducted on all vehicles as they enter the depot to ensure safety and minimise all breakdowns:

  • Tyres are checked to certify that they are within depth guidelines and meet all regulations
  • Brakes are inspected to confirm they are in working order
  • A visual check is conducted on both the truck and trailer for any structural defects and hazards
  • All lights on the truck and trailer are checked to verify that they illuminate and function