Company Information

JLM Transport and Logistics (JLM) previously operated as 'The MAC Transport' and changed its name in 2008. The business has been built over the past 5 years and is gaining a reputation for providing high-quality transport and logistics services.

Our mission at JLM is to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. The foundation for our success combines our quality service with the lasting relationships we build with our clients. We encourage all employees, sub-contractors and other stakeholders to achieve the highest standard of performance.

Our vision is that JLM will be:

  • A leading transport and logistics company
  • A dominant force in over-dimensional and specialised transport
  • A leading and recognised national brand

Our values at JLM promote client satisfaction through:

  • Providing dependable, on-time service built on excellence
  • Treating clients with integrity by being open, direct and informative
  • Teamwork with clients and other stakeholders to find more innovative supply solutions
  • Operating in a safe and environmentally-responsible way at all times
  • Challenging current thinking and practice
  • Ensuring that the appropriate equipment and resources are available to the operations at all times
  • Ensuring that industry-specific risks are minimised to allow smooth and safe operations

Our major clients include:

A. Hartrodt Freight Forwarders, BR International Freight Forwarders, VAE Railway Systems, QR National, Anderson Mine Services, Bucyrus, Joy Mining, The MAC Services Group.