Welcome to JLM

JLM Transport and Logistics Pty Ltd, based in
Mackay, is one of the leading road transport
companies in Central Queensland, providing
cost-effective solutions for our clients' transportation,
warehousing and distribution requirements. We
provide clients with a professional service which is
innovative and reliable.

JLM Transport and Logisitics handles a wide variety
of consignments including shipping containers,
demountable buildings, railway line, mining
equipment, palletised goods and general freight.
The business specialises in over-dimensional
freight and operates a fleet including prime movers,
side-loader trailers, extendable trailers, drop-deck
trailers and rigid trucks.

JLM Transport and Logisitics has current permits in
all states and territories of Australia ensuring that
freight can be transported across the country
economically and without delay. Our location in
Mackay is particularly well-situated for us to service
the Bowen Basin coal mining industry.